Action & Adrenaline Activities in Lembongan

At Lembongan Beach Club & Resort we offer a large range of activities for the adventurous or those wishing to enjoy a more leisurely pace. Nusa Lembongan lends itself to enjoying the outdoors, with plenty of variety of choices of activities to pursue.

Frenzy in Lembongan Island


Hang on and scream your lungs out as your towed behind a speed boat on a inflatable disk.

Jet Ski Ride in Lembongan Island

Jet Ski Ride

Feel the speed and exhilaration! Take a 15 minute ride with one of our experienced jetski operators.

Banana boat in Lembongan Island

Banana boat

A long time water sport favourite! Laugh and hoot as your towed behind a speed boat on a banana shaped inflatable raft.

C - walker in Lembongan Island

C - walker

Diving without tanks! Walk under water with oxygen filled helmet. White sandy bottom, large rocks and coral bommies, big table corals, tiger cowries, banded cleaner shrimp, porcelain crabs, clams, snowflake morays, lionfish, juvenile spotted eagle rays, robust ghost pipefish, filefish and a good variety of reef fish, such as angel, parrot and surgeons.

Sea Scooter in Lembongan Island

Sea Scooter

Have you ever imagined that you are actually able to drive a scooter underwater with no experience and some attached gears required? Riding this Sea Scooter, you can also steer the direction like a motorbike as you please whilst enjoying the magnificent corals and fishes in the ocean for 15 minutes.

For your own safety and beautiful spots guidance, please stick together with your instructor that will be around you.